Saturday, October 20, 2007

Break-out: Blogger relations with Kevin Dugan

Should I pitch media on Facebook?

No. But you can find out what they like and have more things to talk about. Use it to make those contacts before you pitch, so you have the relationships there.

What are some of the etiquette mistakes people make?
  • 'Dear Name' or 'To Whom It May Concern' pitches: If you try to act like you've read it and you haven't, it makes people even madder - better to just say, "Here's what I'm pitching, I haven't read your blog but just think about it."
  • A news release is not a pitch: It's a background document you use for your pitch.

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Abbigail said...

You're right he's making great points. You have to recognize blogs as communities built on relationships. It seems essential for someone to know who they are pitching to or at least be informed about the blogger.