Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Summary of Social Media at the CDC

Dr. Jay Berndhart from the Health Marketing department of the CDC spoke for about an hour on how the CDC is working to integrate social media into health education.

He says that the CDC is trying to stay up to date when it comes to social media, but that health information technology always is behind the curve. But, there CDC is utilizing blogging, Web 2.o, podcasting, videocasting and mobile technology. If you want to check out Dr. Berndhart's blog, go to

There are two main social networking sites the CDC is dabbling in; they are, which is a social network site for those more than 50-years-old, and, which is for doctors.

The CDC received the most news coverage from its work in virtual worlds, including Second Life and Whyville.

If you would like to read about flu vaccinations in Whyville, go to

The biggest topic the CDC currently is working on is the flu, and to read more information about this visit

Hear all of what Dr. Jay Berndhart had to say here.

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