Sunday, October 21, 2007

Learn Social Media Tools

HT: Kevin Dugan for dropping this hint about how to get PR professionals in the know on social media tools.

At the International PRSA conference going on in Philadelphia right now Kami Huyse posted a PRSA lesson plan to get PR professionals up to date on those crucial social media skills.

There was a big discussion at the Academic Roundtable, the final session yesterday, as to the best way to get students interested in social media, but also how to do the same for professors. Time management was cited as one of the biggest obstacles to trying to learn these new tools, even though the faculty felt they were important.

Well here is a good solution. Short lesson plans that lay out the basics so at least professors are not completely in the dark.

I think this is ideal for anyone wanting to learn about social media, but who may be in a time crunch or overwhelmed by it all.


Denise said...

I am interested in learning how various social media tools are being tracked or evaluated for effectiveness. How do we know these new tactics are effective?

Dennis D. McDonald said...

One good source of information about the use of social media in marketing and PR is the SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY web site which aggregates relevant input from many different bloggers; it's located here:

Best wishes,

Dennis McDonald
Alexandria, Virginia