Saturday, October 20, 2007

Break-out: Podcasting with Paull Young

What's great about blogs:

  • Easy and fun
  • Personal relationship - talking directly to the person
  • Can build a community and dialog - always strive create conversations

What makes a great podcast:
  • Podcast about a niche
  • Talk about things that are interesting and fun
What to do:
  • Listen first - what are people talking about?
  • Get the audio
  • Always record in .wav because you get a cleaner sound file
  • Edit the sound - the Levelator, Audacity (open source - it's free!)
  • Podsafe Music Network - free music
  • When you publish the podcast write notes on the blog so that Google can catalog it
  • Host the file - Libsyn is a good one
  • Make sure people can subscribe to it - RSS
  • Create a way to continue the conversation - sound comments or regular comments
What to listen to:

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