Saturday, October 20, 2007

Session 2 Open Thread

Here is session 2's open thread. You know the deal. :)

We are talking about academic research. The speakers for this session are Dr. Kaye Sweetser, Dr. Walter Carl and Dr. Robert D. Sprague.

We are in SLC room 250. The session starts at 10:30 a.m. We'll see you there!


Lindsey Loughman said...

I love this story about John Edwards,
"you cannot build relationship on lies," said Sweetser. If we act by this motto we can really work to change to image of public relations, from spin-masters to valued partners.

Gentry said...

The problem is can people actually believe that politicans can be truthful.

Lindsey Loughman said...

Here is this link to the Fed EX furniture page. Need a New Couch?

Lauren said...

This is the Kryptonite bike lock story that Dr. Walter Carl mentioned.

Lauren said...

Dr. Carl's "Dell Hell" story is similar to the dirty Apple macbooks.

In both cases, blogs and comments/responses from customers became a driving force in making both companies turn their heads, listen to what their unhappy customers were saying, and give a solution.

Feel the power of social media!

Apple story:

Dell story:

Mihaela said... walmarting across america from BusinessWeek