Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Faculty get it when there's a reason to get it."

Is that true?

In my own life, my Dad is finally starting to realize there are four generations in the workplace. The result: personnel problems and co-worker relationship difficulties. Last week, he went to a conference hosted by a consulting firm. All they talked about was HR in insurance agencies, and how they can try to deal with the different generations.

One of the events that sparked this attendance was his secretary who quit. She was the youngest, and he thinks he didn't know how to deal with her properly.

So, way to go, Dad. He learned, and now he's trying to implement what should be done.

Is he like the faculty? Seems like it. There was a specific reason for his need to learn how to deal with the generations.

To the faculty, not just Journalism: does there have to be a specific reason for you to learn how to use, implement and teach the ins-and-outs of social media? Would a presentation work? How can students help you make an influence on each other?

This is a great session. I love brain storming.

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