Saturday, October 20, 2007

Educators Roundtable Summary

Lots of good dialogue going on with all the educators at the Academic Roundtable discussion.

They discussed a lot about how to make social media classes more accessible to students and faculty alike. In many cases, faculty cannot teach the students because they do not know enough about the tools themselves.

Time management and the desire to learn and see the importance of these tools is a challenge for both faculty and students.

Also, the issue of whether we should have a whole class on social media or maybe just a seminar came up because the tools are not hard to learn and fast to teach.

A heated debate arose between whether AP style was still useless and when it will go out of style. Constantin Basturea said that we write in AP style for journalists, but now a lot of our publics are not going to be journalists. Paull Young added that globally, AP style is not nearly as heavily influenced as it is in America. However, many of the faculty felt that it gives a standard to publishings and professionalism to the business.

The last topic was about how to encourage professors to teach students not only the skills, but the ability to teach themselves and seek out this new information to learn. It is crucial as a practitioner to know the strategies and be above the technician level.

Great thoughts from interesting professionals, students, faculty and practitioners. Some wonderful thoughts bounced around and lets hope everyone involved got something out of it.

Educators Roundtable Podcast

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