Sunday, October 21, 2007

Interview at Wild Wing's

After the conference was officially over, everyone headed downtown. The newcomers catch on quickly, don't they?

The dinner venue, chosen by Dr. Russell, was Buffalo Wild Wing's Cafe. I arrived a little late, but there was already a table of at least 15 people seated upstairs.

So, taking the prized audio recorder, I conducted an interview with Kristen English, a first-year PhD. student, and Connie and Sue, first-year Graduate students.

I mainly asked them about their favorite parts of the conference.

From talking to Connie and Sue, I learned they were in the Coast Guard previously, and they were serious social media virgins at the beginning of the year. They told me they had never heard of blogs, MySpace, facebook and the like.

How cool is it that they came to the conference and learned so much! They told me all they wanted to do last night was to go home and play. Social media is so fun!

On top of the interviews, Paull Young told us the saga of his NYC Firemen's Calender that he allegedly bought for his "Mum." ...haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks, Paull.

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Karen said...

Actually one of the other conference organizers (no names here) selected it. The service stunk. But we had a good time. :)